Aggregation Questions

It looks like the utility’s rate is lower than yours. How am I saving money?

Utilities in Massachusetts change their rates on six month cycles.  One of the main benefits of being supplied by Hampshire Power is that we offer fixed-rate contracts.  Historically, our rates have been significantly lower than the utility’s during the winter rate cycle and only marginally higher during the summer cycle.  If you stay with us for an entire cycle, you should save.  However, if you feel that the utility will be a better deal for you, you are free to drop from the aggregation (and can rejoin again in the future) without any penalty.

Why am I paying both the utility and Hampshire Power? Am I being charge double?

You are not being charged double.  There are two separate charges on your bill: one for electricity supply (Hampshire Power) and one for transmission and delivery (your utility).  Your utility will always handle transmission and delivery because the utility owns the infrastructure that physically delivers the electricity to your home or business (power lines, meter, etc.).  The utility will also remain responsible for billing, handling power outages, and reading your meter.

I already called to cancel with Hampshire Power. Why does my bill still list you as my supplier?

You cannot change suppliers in the middle of a meter read cycle so depending on when you called in relation to your meter read, it can take up to 30 days for you to be dropped.

My town has a community aggregation, but I wasn’t switched to Hampshire Power. What happened?

If you already had a competitive supplier before the aggregation, you were not switched to Hampshire Power.  This is because the initial enrollment for an aggregation only includes residents who were supplied by the utility.  If you would like to join your town’s aggregation, you can opt in here.

How long is my contract for?

Hampshire Power’s contract is with your town or city.  Most municipalities have contracts for 1-3 years.  You are not bound by that contract – you can opt-in/out of our supply service at any time for no charge.

I have another competitive supplier now, but I want to switch to Hampshire Power. What should I do?

First, you need to cancel with your current supplier.  Be aware that they may have a cancellation fee.  Once you’ve canceled, you can opt in to our program here or enroll over the phone at: 413-584-1300. Please note that it can take up to 30 days to be added or dropped from a competitive supplier.  Depending on your meter read cycle, it’s possible that you will be dropped from your current supplier before we can pick you up on our service.  If this happens, you will be supplied by your utility until your Hampshire Power service kicks in.

I’m exempt from paying sales tax – is there anything special I need to do?

In order to remove all sales tax charges from your utility bill, you must inform the utility that you are tax exempt and complete the necessary paperwork.  If you were incorrectly charged sales tax, and are a:

  • Business-send an ST-13 form to both Hampshire Power and your utility. The utility will give you a credit to apply to your distribution charge. Hampshire Power will issue you a rebate for any tax unduly paid. 
  • Non-Profit-request an ST-2 form from the state to claim your not-for-profit status.