Hampshire Solar FAQ


What is Community Solar?

Community solar is an exciting and simple way to save money and support local sources of renewable energy in Massachusetts.


Am I eligible?
If you live in Massachusetts and pay a National Grid, Unitil, or Eversource (previously NStar and WMECo) electric bill, you are eligible to participate. Our program is open to everyone, so please contact us to check for availability at the community solar project in your area.

Do I have to install solar panels or equipment on my property?
No! You are opting into a solar project, which is located remotely. Our project puts renewable energy onto the existing utility grid and you continue to receive electricity from your utility as usual. There is no installation of anything on your property.

How much does it cost to sign up? 
There is no cost to enroll in Nexamp’s Solarize My Bill program, and no additional service fees associated with your participation. 

What will my utility bill look like?
Once the project is interconnected by the utility, you will begin to see a line item on your utility bill (typically labeled “transfer credits/charges”). These dollar credits are applied directly towards your monthly electricity costs. Unused credits roll over month-to-month and never expire.  In short, your utility bills will look almost the same, just lower!

How do I see my savings?
Nexamp’s community solar projects generate credits throughout the year. For each $1.00 transferred to your bill, Nexamp will only charge you $0.85 - a guaranteed 15% discount. We size your project allocation to meet your annual electricity costs, and credits will vary based on solar production. So, you should expect to earn more credits during the summer, when production is at its peak, and draw on any excess credits during the winter months, when production is lower. 

Does this change my relationship with my utility?
No. The utility delivers electricity to your home as usual and will continue to service all equipment and resolve all power outages. Nexamp is not a utility, but will handle communication with your utility, as necessary, regarding your enrollment in Solarize My Bill. Even if the utility rates change, or if you sign up for a third-party supplier, you can continue to earn solar credits at a 15% discount.

How do I get started?
Go to www.hampshiresolar.com to upload your latest utility bill. Our team will analyze your electricity usage and help decide how much solar is right for you. After you sign and return your secure electronic agreement, you will have reserved your spot in the program. If a project is available in your area, the Nexamp team will provide regular updates on project construction to keep you informed. Once the solar project goes live, you’ll start to see credits right on your bill and receive access to a personalized customer portal.

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