Give Local

Receive a free, no obligation analysis of your electricity usage from Hampshire Power. We will give you several options for a lower-cost, fixed-rate electricity supply. Sign up for one of these options and KEEP IT LOCAL in two ways: First, Hampshire Power is the only non-profit electricity supplier in Massachusetts. That means your energy dollars stay in the local economy. Secondly, when you sign up, Hampshire Power will offer you a rebate or make a donation in you or your business' name to the United Way of Hampshire County.

The rebate or donation is based on your electricity usage:

  • If you’re a Small Business (electricity usage up to 175,000kWh per year), we’ll donate $25.00.
  • If you’re a Medium-sized Business (electricity usage from 175,001 to 750,000kWh per year), we’ll donate $50.00.
  • If you’re an Enterprise Business (electricity usage over 750,000kWh per year), we’ll donate $100.00.

Sign up with Hampshire Power and we'll send your donation to the United Way within 30 days. It's that easy!

Thank you for being a part of the (local) energy revolution.