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Hampshire Power brings savings to all business owners in the region with as much as 10% savings and no sign up costs! Support local, clean energy by signing up for community solar with Hampshire Power

Why Community Solar

Community Solar is a risk-free way to receive financial benefits of solar energy directly on your electric bill without putting solar panels on your roof. As a subscriber, you will participate in a local solar project and receive guaranteed savings.

Community Solar projects are built, owned, and managed by solar developers in Massachusetts. As a subscriber, you are assigned a portion of one or more projects. Each month you receive Bill Credits generated by your project(s), which are applied as credits on your electric bill. In turn, Hampshire Power will invoice you 90% of these bill credits received at a guaranteed 10% discount.
Any business in Massachusetts that receives an electric bill from National Grid, Unitil, or Eversource is eligible to participate. Please contact us to verify the availability of Community Solar in your area.

Yes. Hampshire Power‘s community solar program offers a 10% guaranteed discount on all Bill Credits applied to your electric bill(s).

Zero. There is absolutely no cost to enroll, and there are never any hidden fees for your participation.

No. The utility delivers electricity to your business as usual and will continue to service all equipment and resolve any power outages should they arise.

You can use both third-party supply as well as join a community solar project, they are not mutually exclusive. Participation in a solar project does not impact your relationship with the third-party electricity supplier.

Hampshire Power matches your annual electric usage to community solar projects operating locally in Massachusetts. The goal is to make sure that the amount of bill credits you receive nearly match but not exceed your annual electricity costs.

Once your project is live, the community solar Bill Credits are applied to your electric bill, reducing the monthly amount due to the Utility. For every dollar-value of Bill Credits transferred to your utility bill, Hampshire Power invoices you $0.90. Unused credits roll over month-to-month until consumed through the 12-month cycle. In short, your utility bills will look almost the same, just lower!

Community solar is about bringing value to the community, in turn, there is no fee to cancel. With written request for cancellation, Hampshire Power will submit this change to the Utility. You will continue to receive credits on your electric bill until the utility processes the request, not to exceed 6 months.

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Lincoln Liquors has had nothing but good experiences dealing with Hampshire Power.  It has been a win, win, win for us: financially, for the environment, and for Hampshire Power. I would recommend them to anyone considering energy needs like community shared solar, that they can provide.

Rick Aronovitz, Owner, Lincoln Liquors

“Partnering with Hampshire Power to administer our solar facility’s involvement in the Community Solar program was an easy choice. They work closely with local businesses and offer professional customer care to ensure accurate and efficient implementation of this valuable program. From customer acquisition to ongoing billing and payments with customers, Hampshire Power is our chosen partner for the administration of our solar asset.”

Roger Gaydou, Operations Manager, Alternative Power & Energy


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