Cites accomplishments of HCG staff

I am struggling to reconcile the recent article about the Hampshire Council of Governments staff bonuses (“HCG hands out bonuses to staff,” Sept. 21), with the reality of the organization and the critical work it provides to the local community.

First, the headline implies that HCG is profligate with public funds, which is emphatically untrue. HCG does not receive any funding from the state. It supports itself with fee-for-service offerings, which, in turn, support community-benefiting, public-spirited programs. Like all municipal entities, HCG examines every expenditure with great care.

More importantly, the Gazette completely missed the important news by focusing on bonus details. In fiscal year 2016, there was an operational surplus of almost $90,000. In fact, it is not until the very end of the article that the writer points out that, far from running at a deficit in fiscal year 2017, the year for which the bonuses were awarded, HCG actually ended the year $47,142 in the black.

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