March 27, 2019

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Hampshire Power moves to 100% renewable energy in 2019

Hampshire Power has steadily been fulfilling its commitment to combat climate change across Western Massachusetts and beyond. Now, in addition to supporting local renewable generation, Hampshire Power will only sell 100% green energy going forward.

Green energy is already the primary choice for 72% of Hampshire Power customers. Hampshire Power is actively working with the remaining customers to transition to 100% renewable energy.
“The time for pledges has ended, now is a time for action,” says Todd Ford, executive director, HCG. “The rapid pace of the climate crisis makes it clear that we all need to step up and reduce our carbon footprint immediately.”

Hampshire Power challenges all municipalities, businesses and nonprofits in Western Massachusetts to join them in taking action to combat climate change by purchasing 100% renewable energy. With Hampshire Power’s affordable pricing, there is no excuse not to go 100% green today.

In addition, Hampshire Renewables offers net metering credits, at a 15% discounted rate, to extend customers financial savings by taking advantage of local, renewable energy opportunities.

“It was a very easy decision to work with Hampshire Renewables to get energy credits from community shared solar,” says Peter St. Martin, owner, Roberto’s and Sylvester’s in Northampton. “Our electricity costs are lower every month and we’re supporting green power in our area. We were already working with Hampshire Power for electricity supply, so this was an even greater way to use green energy, work with a local nonprofit, and save money.”

Hampshire Renewables uses net metering credits from community scaled solar arrays throughout the Commonwealth, and two local dairy farms located in Hatfield and Granville. The farms, Rockwood Farm and Luther Belden Farms, use state of the art agricultural anaerobic digesters to convert agricultural and organic waste into clean, locally-produced renewable energy.

“Combining local net metering credits with 100% renewable energy is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and save you money,” says Marin Goldstein, director, Hampshire Power. “Making the switch to clean energy is one of the simplest ways to meet the challenge of the climate crisis.”

Fifteen local towns have chosen to transition to 100% green energy with Hampshire Power. Those towns include: Bernardston, Dalton, Huntington, Middlefield, Montgomery, New Salem, Northfield, Petersham, Phillipston, Shelburne, Wales, Warren, Warwick, Wendell, and Westhampton. In total, 144 businesses, towns, and nonprofits have made the switch to green energy with Hampshire Power. Now it’s time for the rest of Western Massachusetts to follow their lead.

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HCG supports communities by empowering local, sustainable and efficient economies. HCG’s Hampshire Power provides green and locally produced electricity. Every cent HCG earns goes back to supporting the communities of Western Massachusetts. HCG is funded by its own revenue.

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