Imagine feeling good about your electricity bill

The Hampshire Renewables Net Metering program is a simple way for you to share in:

  • locally owned and managed solar
  • cow power
  • renewable energy production facilities
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Making energy supply local

Hampshire Renewables Net Metering supplies a sustainable source of income for local farmers, towns and businesses. You can support local communities with local jobs and clean, renewable energy.

How Virtual Net Metering Works

Virtual Net Metering is a bill crediting system for off site renewable energy. The energy generated by the Hampshire Renewables local energy producers is shared among ratepayers. This credit is a discounted dollar amount, so you will save 10-15% on your electric bill.

There are no upfront costs and no equipment installed on your property

If you pay a National Grid or Eversource electric bill in Massachusetts, you’re eligible to buy discounted net metering credits from Hampshire Renewables. These solar credits directly offset your monthly utility bills.

Show us your electric bill.
We will show you how to go green and save money.

We will create a proposal for you that details your switch to clean, locally produced electricity.

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“This community solar project brings us one step closer to meeting our sustainability goals while supporting a local farm, increasing jobs in Massachusetts, and generating electricity cost savings for the community.”

-David Nixon, Hadley Town Administrator

“Here you actually get to support the local organization and save money, what more could you ask?  I’m quite satisfied.  I think that there is probably no alternative that would allow me to support local organizations like Hampshire Power.  They did approach me and asked if I would be interested in saving 15 percent on my electricity and who could say no? I love the idea of acquiring the energy from a local entity, supporting a local organization and getting a discount.” 

-Peter Whalen, Hampshire Renewables Customer

“Hampshire Power is already successfully working with towns. We saw the partnership as a good fit because Ag-Grid is looking to support local Western Massachusetts towns, just like how Hampshire Power has done by reducing the cost of electricity for many local municipalities [as a third party energy supplier].”

– Rashi Akki, Owner and CEO of Ag-Grid Energy