January 22, 2019

Contact: Marin Goldstein,, 413-584-1300 x153

HCG Solar Renewable Energy Credit Aggregation service adds Massachusetts-based energy companies to increase buying power

HCG has entered into an agreement with Vale Energy Services LLC, and their affiliate, MassAmerican Energy LLC, to provide customer service and support to HCG’s SREC Aggregation.

Vale Energy and MassAmerican are Massachusetts companies who together broker and manage over 10,000 renewable energy certificates annually, created by systems located throughout Massachusetts and the wider New England area. HCG’s agreement with Vale Energy is intended to increase the bargaining power of HCG’s Aggregation by enlarging the number of solar renewable energy credit certificates (SRECs) that are brokered and sold together.

“We share HCG’s commitment to keeping energy dollars in Massachusetts,” says Quincy Vale, President of Vale Energy and MassAmerican. “Our team strives to provide the highest level of customer service and largest return on solar energy investments.”

New and current members of HCG’s Aggregation will receive ongoing service and support from MassAmerican, based in Chelmsford, MA. Customers taking advantage of the HCG Aggregation will remain within the Aggregation.

“HCG has long tried to maximize earnings for our local community,” says Marin Goldstein, director of energy operations, HCG. “This is an effort to increase the return on clean energy investments across the Commonwealth. Customers can rest assured that that their energy dollars will be kept local through this transition and collaboration.”

On November 26th, 2018, the Massachusetts SREC program closed to new applications, transitioning the state into the SMART program. While a solar system will continue to generate SRECs for its term of 10 years, or at latest until 2027, future installations of solar will not use an aggregator to manage or broker those SRECs.

HCG opened its SREC aggregation service in 2014 and has seen dramatic growth as many members in the community joined together to strengthen the only local nonprofit aggregator in the Commonwealth. HCG’s current portfolio has over 1,600 SREC customers with over $4 million in SREC sales annually. In October 2018, HCG customers saw record prices for their SRECs.

Vale Energy and MassAmerican’s leadership has decades of experience in the design, installation and operation of solar energy and other renewable systems. In addition, Quincy Vale has been involved in the regulatory design and implementation of the energy attributes market since its inception and has actively traded RECs since 2005.

Customers benefit from Vale Energy and MassAmerican’s experience and market contacts as they aggregate the output from all of the systems managed into a large institutional seller. Quantity aggregation is intended to reduce transaction costs and helps customers to get higher prices than they can get on their own. MassAmerican is also a full-service solar energy developer and installer capable of troubleshooting systems and ensuring robust performance for many years to come.

New and existing SREC customers are welcome to call HCG customer service at 413-584-1300 x9 with any questions or concerns.

About HCG Sustainability
HCG is the local choice to maximize your clean energy investment. A dedicated team continues to make renewable energy incentives simple by managing applications and selling credits associated with the Alternative Performance Standard (APS) program. Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) are generated for biomass fuel, air source heat pumps, solar hot water, and geothermal systems.

About MassAmerican Energy LLC
MassAmerican Energy is an expert in the SREC market, and provides a level of service and professionalism that comes from a leading full-service solar energy system provider who is singularly focused on complete customer satisfaction. For information, contact Quincy Vale at or visit

About Vale Energy Services LLC
Vale Energy Services provides energy consulting services, energy procurement and REC brokering services to owners and operators of renewable energy systems located throughout New England and beyond. Led by a trained energy attorney and former utility regulator, Vale Energy Services makes renewable energy make dollars and sense.