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HCG Purchasing Co-op Launches NEW Rental Equipment Bid

To meet a growing need, HCG’s Purchasing Co-op is pleased to announce a heavy equipment rental service.

Examples of equipment available for rent include: backhoes, bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, loaders, road graders, rollers, and wood chippers.

The Rental Equipment bid provides an excellent option especially useful in an emergency situation, or for the short-term need for seasonal equipment. Through this bid, municipalities can rent a single piece of equipment for a specific job, rather than having to purchase it
outright, providing a considerable cost savings. As with all of our bids, there is no fee to participate. A rental price list will be available in April.

Spring Cleaning? Save money with HCG’s Custodial Supplies Bid

If cold weather is going to keep us indoors, we might as well clean! The HCG Custodial Supplies bid offers competitive pricing, free delivery, with no cost to participate….so take advantage of the savings!

Containing items requested by participants, the award list includes approximately 400 products available from 13 well-known, responsible vendors. Please contact HCG to view the award file, which allows you to easily create an order form to attach to your purchase order. Save money and time today!

HCG offers local teachers hands-on opportunity to choose School and Art Supplies

General School and Art & Craft Supplies are thoughtfully selected with the assistance of local teachers and school representatives. These educators know from experience which items bring the most value to their classrooms and school districts.

Last year, these two bids contained over 1500 different products. The 2019 award meetings are scheduled for March 20thand 21st. If you have interest in getting involved in future events, or would like more information, please contact us. There is no cost for any public school system to participate and take advantage of the savings these bids offer.

For more information, or to take advantage of any Purchasing Co-op bids, please contact 413-584-1300 x3, or purchasing@hampshire-power.mystagingwebsite.com.