The only Fund that gives you the power to choose how & where renewable energy is developed

The Ultimate in Locally Driven Additionality

  • Choose to invest in new local renewable energy

  • Work with other renewable leaders to decide how and where to support new renewable generation

  • Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs) can now support the cultivation of new, sustainable energy generation right here in Massachusetts

  • The Massachusetts Renewable Energy Fund is the only way a CCA can be assured that their environmental stewardship results in Massachusetts-based ‘additionality’


How it works:

  • CCAs can choose any amount to add to their baseline electricity supply cost

  • That amount goes directly into the Fund every month

  • The CCA, acting through the Select Board or City Council/Mayor may select one representative from the CCA to participate in the Fund Oversight Board

  • The Fund Oversight Board, as assisted by an independent trustee, offers grants on a competitive basis to Massachusetts-based renewable energy developers to facilitate the development of NEW renewable energy generation

  • As a result, CCAs in Massachusetts will have a direct impact on the development new renewable energy generation in the Commonwealth

A Game Changer for Renewable Energy in MA

Use your energy dollars to invest in NEW renewable energy in Massachusetts

Our Partners

The Fund will partner with Massachusetts-based companies to the greatest extent possible. Companies will be vetted by the Fund Oversight Board and as assisted by the independent trustee, the Meister Consultants Group.

The Fund will ensure that any community can select the New Generation option no matter what electricity supplier wins the competitive bid.

The Fund supports the installation of a diverse array of new, renewable energy generation including but not limited to solar, wind, low impact hydro, and anaerobic digestion.

This is how you create a local energy revolution

The powerful, locally driven way to ensure a swift, complete and local transition to a clean and renewable energy future