We offer flexible, below-market pricing amid historic energy rate spikes – plus custom energy solutions to increase efficiency and save even more money across your operations. Our goal is to mimimize your energy spend, today and well into the future. Say goodbye to inflated, locked-in rates from retail energy suppliers and hello to Hampshire Power’s wholesale electricity service:

Wholesale Pricing

Traditional energy suppliers lock you in at inflated rates to boost their own bottom line. Avoid these hidden fixed-priced costs and experience Hampshire Power’s wholesale electricity savings.

Retail Supply
+ Stackable Energy Products

Layer in additional savings and optimize your entire operations with our suite of stackable energy products that lower your bill and even provide new revenue streams:

  • Community solar discounts

  • Rooftop solar lease revenue

  • Energy efficiency

  • HVAC optimization

  • EV charging stations

  • Demand Response

Together, these integrated energy solutions can decrease your electricity bill by over 40% and potentially provide new revenue streams to convert a cost into a profit center.

Energy Management Fit For you

Electricity is not one-size-fits-all. Take advantage of our free site assessment with an easy-to-digest report card to understand your unique energy needs (and how to monetize them).

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