Make the switch to 100% green energy today!

Power your business. Power your values.

Make an impact and go green:

  • Switching to renewable energy is one of the biggest ways you can combat climate change
  • We make it affordable to turn you pledges into action
  • Be a leader in your community by choosing a local nonprofit electricity supplier

Total savings reinvested in the community

Your Power. Your Community. Your Choice.


Making the switch is as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email.

“Hampshire Power has brought significant benefits to Way Finders’ new, 70 unit, Live 155 apartment building in downtown Northampton. By supplying 100% green electricity at competitive rates, Hampshire Power’s assistance resulted in a greener energy profile and improved financial performance at Live 155.”

-Peter Serafino, Live 155

“It was a very easy decision to work with Hampshire Renewables to get energy credits from community shared solar. Our electricity costs are lower each month and we’re supporting green power in our area. We were already working with Hampshire Power for electricity supply, so this was an even greater way to use green energy, work with a local nonprofit, and save money.”

-Peter St. Martin, Roberto’s and Sylvester’s

“I switched our electricity supply to Hampshire Power because it supports green power in our area, and reduces my electric bill. Taking it a step further, I became part of the Hampshire Renewables program because it allows me to support a local organization, support new local solar generation, and saves money.”

-Bud Stockwell, Cornucopia