More Cash with Less Work Hampshire Power takes the pain out of energy
decisions and puts more money in your pocket

Energy decisions made simple

Hampshire Power is an integrated energy and building systems solutions provider creating maximum income and savings for customers and stronger revenue streams for energy developers and investors.

We connect property and business owners with community energy developers and best in market energy product and service vendors all coordinated to simplify your experience and maximize your savings.

Hampshire Power Platform

How do we do it? Let’s start with the basics

We simplify your energy decisions

Using our Revenue+ lease model, coupled with advanced, analytic energy supply, community energy savings, and a curated network of best-in-class products and services; we provide solutions that simplify and coordinate all your energy needs.

Hampshire Power is designed to maximize your savings and create long term, new revenue lines.

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One Solution. One Relationship.
One Optimized Experience.

Commercial Real Estate Owners & Developers:

More Money in Your Pocket Without the Headaches

We provide new revenue streams, maximize energy savings, and deliver a curated network of integrated energy products and services.

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This won’t take long.

We respect your time and bottom line.

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Community Energy Owners, Developers, and Investors:

Stronger, More Predictable Revenue Stream

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