As you may be aware, in the coming months, the price of electricity in Massachusetts will be increasing. Based on filings made by utilities, businesses throughout the state on utility default monthly variable and fixed rates are slated to see their electric rates and bills increase significantly.

Not only are these utility default rates looking at historic highs, but traditional fixed rate pricing is also looking at incredibly high prices as well.

Now is not the time to lock in electricity pricing.

Is there a solution to combat these additional costs?
It’s possible to save a considerable amount of money by switching to a more favorable and flexible Hampshire Power Winter Save variable rate plan.

What are my projected savings with a variable rate plan from Hampshire Power?
Please see us for a more accurate estimate, but in general, for midsized commercial customers with National Grid, the six-month (November-April)

Savings are estimated to be approximately $3,500.00*

How does it work?
When you switch to a Winter Save Plan with Hampshire Power, your charged monthly electricity rate will come from the hourly wholesale market price. Using hourly wholesale market variable pricing during this winter season avoids committing to historically high utility default fixed rates AND allows you time to lock in a fixed rate when the rate environment is more favorable.

  • SHORT Six-month term
  • NO “Early Termination Penalty”
  • EASY TO CANCEL after first six months with 60 days notice
  • CONVERT TO FIXED RATE product in the Spring when pricing may be better


You’ll be assigned a local area account representative to walk you through the process, share specific estimated savings, and answer any questions you may have.

THAT’S IT! We’ll handle all the backend work. You will still receive a bill from your utility with Hampshire Power listed as your supplier.

BONUSWe will provide you a FREE ASSESSMENT that can result in additional savings through Community Shared Solar, Demand Response, and other savings.

*Savings estimates are based on average National Grid G-2 customer monthly usage. Pricing is based on HPC estimated variable pricing as of October 5, 2022 vs the National Grid’s proposed fixed price default rates. Savings estimates are not a guarantee. Speak to your sales representative to learn more.