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Energy Insights

Holiday Fundraiser: Hampshire Power & Cancer Connection

Hampshire Power raised more than $1,300 for Cancer Connection in Northampton, Massachusetts. Collectively, we saw the unprecedented times of 2020 turn into “the norm” throughout 2021. Social distancing and remote work continued to keep us safe but apart, resulting in pandemic fatigue for many of us. But we would .: READ MORE :.

Win-Win-Win: Rhode Island Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits

Hampshire Power is on a mission to support the Rhode Island community through charity, renewable energy, and savings for all. As the climate crisis becomes acute, nonprofits want to do right by their community but often lack the resources of larger organizations to implement sustainable initiatives. But climate action .: READ MORE :.

Your Electric Bill (and how to shrink it)

Electricity is an inevitable expense for any business, but consumption isn’t the only thing that impacts your bill. In today’s energy market, the consumer has more agency than ever when it comes to power production and, in turn, what is spent on it. In order to take advantage of cost-cutting and revenue-generating energy programs, understanding what goes into your electric bill is crucial.

4 Energy Partner Non-Negotiables

As clean technology booms and the energy sector evolves for the better, a problem remains: consumers can’t keep up. Regulations, technological advances, and a constant parade of energy options, demand consumers to be more resourceful when it comes to energy solutions. Often, middle C&I businesses and organizations lack the necessary .: READ MORE :.

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