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Energy Insights

Hampshire Power Expands Offerings in Hansen Partnership

Hampshire Power is a vertically integrated retail electricity supplier that bundles distributed energy resources (solar, battery, EV chargers) and Community Solar (CS) discounts with the electricity supply to bring maximum savings and energy simplicity to our Commercial and Industrial customers. This unique approach needs an integrated data and billing solution .: READ MORE :.

Powering Public Transport: Pioneer Valley Transit Authority

Businesses and organizations are starting to aggressively embrace the climate-conscious values of the people they serve. For some organizations, addressing climate-related goals impacts almost every part of their operation. Public transportation, for example, relies heavily on fossil fuels. Electric buses are still a novelty, and pandemic-induced financial struggles from .: READ MORE :.

Housing Authorities Boost Revenue with Alternative Energy Credits

Making the switch to alternative energy systems can yield significant savings for businesses and organizations. In Massachusetts, buildings using renewable thermal technologies like Air Source Heat Pumps (aka mini splits) may be eligible for a financial reward through alternative energy credits (AECs). The problem is that complicated regulations and .: READ MORE :.

Monetizing Renewable Energy Assets

For over a decade, nations and corporations have been committing to clean energy initiatives to make the world more sustainable. In recent years, this goal has led to a rising investment in distributed energy resources such as solar PV, hydro, wind, and biomass.

Hampshire Power Charges Up Their Local Community

Hampshire Power Corporation’s Director of Operations Marin Goldstein is pictured here with Ruben Reyes, Executive Director from Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen. Marin, together with Paige, helped in shopping and the delivery of meals. 2020 has been like no other. Many major fundraising events have been canceled due to .: READ MORE :.

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