Scalable, Flexible, and Secure Community Energy Management

Hampshire Power is ready for the new wave of Community Energy. We are more connected, have better offtakers, and protect your revenue better than any other management company. Experience what a fully utility integrated management company can do for your portfolio.

Our Customers are Your Customers

You want high quality customers. We have high quality customers and we know their names.

Hampshire Power is a multi-state comprehensive energy management firm, different from the traditional community solar service providers in the market. We don’t have to find new, high quality commercial and industrial off takers for your project, we already have them.

Hampshire Power’s professional team uses our network of C&I customers to subscribe your projects, while continually working with each customer to identify additional savings and revenue opportunities including DER development, retail electricity supply, demand response, and other services that make for happy and loyal customers who pay on time and consistently.

  • Rapid, multi-state acquisition of high-quality customers
  • Customizable customer mix with options for investment grade, credit checks, or Low-Income compliance
  • Direct Debit payments
  • Attrition and Default Guarantees

Enterprise-Grade Technology: Connected, Secure, Scalable, Mature, and Flexible

Everyone has a platform. But ours is bigger, better, and more connected.

Hampshire Power utilizes a mature and scalable software platform with data security at the center of its operations to subscribe and manage your customer data across markets. As an owner you deserve the data security, maturity, scalability, and flexibility that Hampshire Power brings to your portfolios.

  • Connected: Direct utility data exchange (EDI) of customer historic usage, monthly consumption, and rate class
  • Secure: ISO27001, SOC1, SOC2 compliant
  • Flexible: Robust set of APIs to scale and share data across operating, financial, and asset management platforms
  • Scalable: Hundreds of thousands of customers with millions of daily monthly transactions
  • Robust and Proven: Built for energy and infrastructure, extended to community energy

Customer Attrition and Default Risk Mitigation

We have one job, make sure that you are consistently paid in full. We take that very seriously and we guarantee it.

Hampshire Power mitigates the risk of customer attrition and default across your portfolio. As a retail energy provider, we are directly connected to the utilities via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). That means we see a customer’s historic usage and can monitor in real time if there are changes to their usage patterns. We can react to potential attrition and default events before they take place. Because of our superior technology and utility relationships we guarantee that you get paid in full, or we waive our fee.

  • Instant Historic Usage results in fast, accurate sizing of credits
  • Constant, live monitoring of electricity patters
  • Constant live monitoring of credit and business health through CreditSafe
  • Identification of potential issues before they happen

Full Service Energy Experts

When we say full service, we mean it.

We have a full suite of services to help our developer partners. We are a REC broker, solar developer, retail supplier, and O&M company. Let us help you fully monetize your project and give you the peace of mind and time to pursue your next portfolio.

  • REC monetization
  • Co-Development
  • Financing
  • Tax equity
  • EPC services
  • Operations and Maintenance services
  • Serve all DER technologies including solar PV, Biomass, Anerobic Digesters, Hydro, Wind, Combined Heat and Power, Geothermal and more.

“I am very appreciative of the effort Hampshire Power provides in supporting [our] growth. We have found a partner in Hampshire Power Corporation that we are going to keep. It’s not only a valuable partnership but it is also a lot of fun working with this team. Thank you for all that you have done to keep us going.”

Rashi Akki, Owner and CEO, AG-Grid Energy

“Partnering with Hampshire Power to administer our solar facility’s involvement in the Community Solar program was an easy choice. They work closely with local businesses and offer professional customer care to ensure accurate and efficient implementation of this valuable program. From customer acquisition to ongoing billing and payments with customers, Hampshire Power is our chosen partner for the administration of our solar assets.”

Roger Gaydou, Operations Manager, Alternative Power & Energy