More Money in Your Pocket
Without the Headaches

Partner with us to add revenue-generating and cost-reducing services to your property without the responsibility of construction, maintenance, or grid-management hassles.

We know you are busy running your business and don’t have time to manage an energy project. That’s why we do it for you and pay you for the opportunity. Together, we’ll figure out which of our foundational services are right for you.

Energy Supply Optimization

Simple, Transparent Electricity Pricing. We can work with you to drive your electricity prices to new lows. We bring the wholesale market directly to you then we layer in community energy and use our advanced analytics to match your load with additional energy savings opportunities. We want you to pay less and never worry about your energy bill again.

Other suppliers want you to use more energy. We want you to save more. Year over year.

All our new customers receive a free onsite building assessment and report that is designed to save you even more.

Community Energy – Quickly Lower Your Costs

This is a no brainer. We offer guaranteed savings on your energy credits…No stress, no risk. Just savings. Signing up takes just a few minutes.

Revenue+ – You Collect Rent from Tenants, Why Not Your Energy Provider?

You are an expert at running your business. Hampshire Power is an expert in revenue-generating renewable energy systems. We build the systems and take care of all the headaches and pay you for the opportunity. We can even repair your roof or parking lot in the process. It’s a game changer.

  • Solar PV on rooftops and parking lots
  • Battery storage systems
  • Electric vehicle charging stations

HVAC and Building System Management, Service and Recommissioning

That free HVAC and building systems assessment can highlight a lot of potential savings. We partner with Nexus Consulting to bring best in class HVAC services. Together we can optimize building systems and performance.

The Next Level

Once the basics are done, our next level of services will expand on your savings and further simplify your energy decisions

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Analytic software to drive more savings
  • Demand Response and Management
  • Onsite Generation, Backup and Microgrids
  • Carbon Offsets
  • Energy Efficiency and Lighting retrofits
  • Automation
  • Simplify your Energy Decisions
building management system

Make energy work for you now.

Talk to an energy expert for a free consultation today.