As clean technology booms and the energy sector evolves for the better, a problem remains: consumers can’t keep up. Regulations, technological advances, and a constant parade of energy options, demand consumers to be more resourceful when it comes to energy solutions. Often, middle C&I businesses and organizations lack the necessary resources to optimize energy usage for their bottom line and the climate. Luckily, there are energy advisors with expert knowledge to simplify energy decisions. But how do you deduce the right energy partner from the rest? To enhance your energy operations, look for an energy partner with the following non-negotiables.


In the complex and fragmented energy industry, go with the gimmick-free service provider. The right energy advisor will clearly explain the revenue and savings-based value of any solution along with a simple ROI justification upfront. It’s also important to make sure your energy partner offers a secure, user-friendly platform to track your savings and other data.

Ruthless Product Knowledge

In today’s market there are dozens of ways to meet your energy needs. Consumers are able to tap into multiple sources of power, so an energy advisor with expertise in just one aspect of power production is essentially useless. A true energy partner offers comprehensive, tailored energy solutions to fit not only your unique energy needs, but that comply with local regulations and utility restrictions. It’s the job of your energy advisor to use their technical and policy expertise to create custom solutions built around your business to support existing operations with little to no lift on your end.

Vertically Integrated

To have an energy advisor is to have a one-stop shop for all your energy needs. Energy is not a one product solution and to maximize value, you need an integrated solution. To streamline your energy needs, look for a vertically integrated energy partner with the relationships to provide comprehensive products and services to fit your operations.


Unfortunately, there is a sense of general mistrust in the energy industry as many have been taken advantage of by scams. Transparency and a proven track record of success are essential in an energy partner. Accreditation, such as a Benefit Corporation, is a foolproof indicator of a trustworthy energy partner.

Not long ago, people had little agency when it came to electricity providers. Now, consumers utilize their purchasing power to drive the adoption of clean energy. But in a highly technical and rapidly evolving industry, they can’t do it alone. With the right industry knowledge, relationships, and experienced energy advisors, like Hampshire Power, take the pain out of energy decisions to empower your operations.

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