Bringing Energy Solutions to Strategic Partners

Commercial Real Estate Owners & Developers

We build a new revenue stream. Literally.

We understand that these are challenging times. That’s why we seek to maximize your revenue and savings with a unique combination of energy solutions. Partner with us to add revenue-generating and cost-reducing services to your property without the responsibility of construction, maintenance, or grid-management hassles.

We know you are busy running your business and don’t have time to manage an energy project. That’s why we do it for you and pay you for the opportunity. We’ll figure out together which of the options below are right for you:

  • Revenue +
  • Energy Simplified
  • Solar Savings
  • Building Optimization
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We Lease Your Real Estate, Develop, Own and Operate:

  • Solar PV on rooftops and parking lots
  • Battery Storage
  • HVAC Systems
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Renewable Energy Developers

Unlock Your Portfolios’ Highest Value

You found the project location, you secured the financing, and now you are ready to file and claim your Community Shared Solar Revenue. You have two options: pay for a large company to pool your system with a bunch of other systems (giving you lots of low-quality residential customers) and a be charged a hefty fee OR receive custom selected, high quality commercial and industrial subscribers (who know how to pay a bill) and be charged a much lower fee. As a solar developer, we know which one we want. That’s why we created Hampshire Power.  Here’s what we can handle for you:

Expert subscriber acquisition and management

As a solar installer, we get it. We have one job: make sure you are consistently paid. We work with the highest quality non-residential subscribers. We direct debit every payment. We guarantee that you will get paid, or we waive our fee.

REC Monetization

When we say full service, we mean it. We can monetize your Class 1 RECs generated anytime between the system start date and SMART award.

Co-Development and/or purchase your portfolio

We actively buy projects and portfolios. We also co-develop a variety of energy systems, bringing full service solutions to your project, including financing, tax equity, EPC, installation, monetization and O&M.

Renewables other than solar

We support more than solar. We have years of experience monetizing just about every renewable system including: Biomass, Anerobic Digesters, Hydro, Wind, Combined Heat and Power, Geothermal and more.

Optimize Your Revenue

HVAC Consultants

We overdeliver to your customers and handle all the paperwork.

HVAC-related incentive programs are detailed and confusing. Hampshire Power connects your customers to a simple, upfront “rebate” for all qualified installations. We make it easy for you stand out in the market by bringing lower costs to your customers.

Substantial Referral Fees

Not all referral fees are created equal. We pay top dollar for opportunities to work with your customers to increase their revenue and save on energy expenses.

We Got This

Your focus is on installing, not on handling the paperwork and regulatory details involved in determining system eligibility and rebate rewards. Let us handle it so you can move onto the next installation or sales call.

Happy Customers

By working with us, you can now offer an upfront discount to your customers without adding to your ‘to do’ list. Your customers will be happy with cash in hand and you don’t have to deal with headache of the regulatory patchwork.

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Commercial & Industrial Vendors

More Revenue, Happier Customers

We focus on the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) space. You focus on the C&I space. Why don’t we get together? Hampshire Power partners with you to enhance your customer’s experience, increase revenue for all parties, and build a resilient partnership that supports each other.

Whether you’re installing a new roof, installing Building Management Software, or hooking up a VOIP phone system, become a referral partner with Hampshire Power.

Trusted Partnerships

We want to enhance your relationship with your customer by increasing your value add and customer satisfaction. We honor your relationship with your customer and always place that respect at the foundation of our partnership.

Substantial Referral Fees

Not all referral fees are created equal. We pay top dollar for opportunities to work with your customers to increase their revenue and save on energy expenses.

Two Way Street

A partnership with us means that we introduce you to OUR customers too. Our customers need good vendors and we hand-pick our partners to bring the best service providers to our large network of commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional customers.

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Public Sector

We find hidden revenue sources

Hampshire Power has strong experience working with Housing Authorities, Cities, Towns, water and sewer districts, and other public entities to reduce energy costs and create new revenue streams.

We know that you are stretched thin. Tax revenue is down, and budgets are strained. We can help. Hampshire Power can bring additional funds to your operations. Take advantage of Hampshire Power’s expertise to save money, or even generate revenue, from diverse strategies such as:

Energy Certificate Monetization

You may have installed systems like Mini Splits (Air Source Heat Pumps) or biomass boilers that generate an environmental certificate that can bring needed cash into your budget. We will work with you to find this hidden source of revenue.

Energy Simplified


Solar Savings


Building Optimization


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