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Commercial Real Estate Owners & Developers

We build a new revenue stream. Literally.

We understand that these are challenging times. That’s why we seek to maximize your revenue and savings with a unique combination of energy solutions. Partner with us to add revenue-generating and cost-reducing services to your property without the responsibility of construction, maintenance, or grid-management hassles.

We know you are busy running your business and don’t have time to manage an energy project. That’s why we do it for you and pay you for the opportunity. We’ll figure out together which of the options below are right for you:

Renewable Energy Developers

Unlock Your Portfolio’s Highest Potential

You found the project location, you secured the financing, and now you are ready to file and claim your Community Shared Solar Revenue. You have two options: pay for a large company to pool your system with a bunch of other systems (giving you lots of low-quality residential customers) and be charged a hefty fee OR receive custom selected, high quality commercial and industrial subscribers (who know how to pay a bill) and be charged a much lower fee. As a solar developer, we know which one we want. That’s why we created Hampshire Power.  Here’s what we can handle for you:

HVAC Consultants

We overdeliver to your customers and handle all the paperwork.

HVAC-related incentive programs are detailed and can be confusing. Hampshire Power connects your customers to a simple, upfront “rebate” for all qualified installations. We make it easy for you stand out in the market by bringing lower costs to your customers.

Commercial & Industrial Service Providers

More Revenue, Happier Customers

We focus on the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) space. You focus on the C&I space. Why don’t we get together? Hampshire Power partners with you to enhance your customer’s experience, increase revenue for all parties, and build a resilient partnership that supports each other.

Public Sector

We find hidden revenue sources

Hampshire Power’s expert staff has strong experience working with housing authorities, cities, towns, water and sewer districts, and other public entities to reduce energy costs and create new revenue streams.

We know that you are stretched thin. Tax revenue is down, and budgets are strained. We can help. Hampshire Power can bring additional funds to your operations. Take advantage of Hampshire Power’s expertise to save money, or even generate revenue, from diverse strategies such as: