Have you ever bought a cell phone without a connection to cell service? That’s like purchasing community solar management services without a direct connection to the utility.

Hampshire Power is Connected to the Utility with EDI:

Like it or not, the utility holds the keys to community solar customer data, bill credit calculations, and project kWh generation data. With the exclusive ability to exchange customer and project data directly with the utilities via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Hampshire Power eliminates the blind spots in your current operations while mitigating the risk of customer attrition and default that are greatly overlooked by Independent Power Producers (IPPs) today.

Customer and Project Data with EDI:

Hampshire Power is a retail supplier and community energy management firm connecting our customers to your projects through real-time connectivity with the utility through EDI. EDI provides valuable insight into subscribers’ current and historic energy usage to make for more accurate allocation management and better risk mitigation – but most service providers can’t access it. Exclusive to retail energy providers like Hampshire Power, EDI enables project generation, bill credit, allocations, and subscriber data exchange directly with the utility.

Attrition and Default Triage with EDI:

But what is the real impact of EDI capabilities in community energy? Put simply, it enables attrition and revenue triage. Backed by our enterprise-grade technology, Hampshire Power sets up automated alerts triggered by changes in subscriber consumption patterns. This enables the identification of potential attrition events before they happen. From there, Hampshire Power easily replaces customers if necessary by using real-time customer consumption data to match new allocations to the project. Additionally, EDI allows for more accurate allocation management across your projects with a better sense of payment history.

Customer Acquisition Certainty with EDI:

Customer acquisition looks different for every community energy project, but the goal widely remains the same: fill the project with reliable, quality subscribers to maximize revenue and minimize attrition. With our unmatched insights and EDI capabilities, Hampshire Power helps project owners exceed their revenue goals while receding risks of default and attrition.

For more information on the most scalable, secure, and utility-connected community solar management platform and service provider, contact Hampshire Power.