Not all Community Energy billing and management platforms are created equal. Hampshire Power partnered with energy industry software leader, Hansen Technologies to bring enterprise grade technology to the Community Energy space at a fraction of the cost of the competition. This technology advantage, coupled with Hampshire Power’s built in expertise and monetization flexibility, make Hampshire Power uniquely suited to assist Community Energy projects maximize revenue well into the future.

The Hampshire Power Community Energy Platform

Connected: Direct utility data exchange (EDI) of customer historic usage, monthly consumption, and rate class.

Our status as a retail electricity supplier enables us to communicate directly with utilities through EDI to extract historic and current customer energy usage data in real-time. Not only does this make the management of customer data and project allocations easier, but it allows for unequalled default and attrition risk mitigation.

Secure: ISO27001, SOC1, SOC2 compliant.

Customer data security is the key to your long term success. With utility EDI communication, ISO27001, and SOC compliance Hampshire Power employs the most robust, mature, and scalable platform to ensure long term program and consumer success across your portfolios.

Flexible & Scalable: The platform boasts hundreds of thousands of customers with millions of monthly transactions and a robust set of APIs to scale and share data across operating financial and asset management platforms.

Hampshire Power’s platform offers a single point of truth by leveraging API connectivity to tie together data from financial, credit, operational, customer service, and electricity usage sources. The Hampshire Power platform is well connected and provides insightful customer and revenue data that other community energy service providers lack. Our platform is bigger and better, but we don’t push our partners to navigate it alone. We do the heavy lifting and deliver thorough, concise, and dynamic reports monthly to IPP partners in a usable and flexible format.

Robust and Proven: Built for energy and infrastructure, extended to community energy.

Hampshire Power’s enterprise-grade platform has surpassed maturity scaling across the energy space with millions of monthly customer transactions and experienced connectivity with utilities across the country. The platform’s tested and proven security, accuracy, scalability, and connectivity are unmatched in the industry.

Hampshire Power is committed to maximizing the revenue of our IPPs and developer portfolios under management albeit community energy or single offtake PPAs across the Northeast, Midwest, or other maturing renewable energy programs, nationwide. We invite you to experience the next level in Community Energy management and monetization.

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