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Energy Insights

Energy Savings in Two Steps

Hampshire Power takes the pain out of energy decisions. In a crowded market, we offer a fresh approach, a single relationship for all of your energy needs. We present all of our services in clear bottom line vocabulary so you know exactly how much you will save over time. .: READ MORE :.

Code Red: How to Streamline a Plan of Climate Action

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report sounds the alarm for climate catastrophe. Hampshire Power has a plan of action. The jarring IPCC climate report makes this certain -- climate action is needed now. Human influence has warmed the climate, and it is human influence that must .: READ MORE :.

Value Add: Hampshire Power & Low Income Community Energy

While traditional service providers turn away from this growing aspect of renewable energy, Hampshire Power embraces the opportunity to influence the direction of this inevitable shift in the industry. We actively service IPPs that wish to increase their project revenue by meeting the LMI requirements across each state and .: READ MORE :.

Rhode Island Remote Net Metering

The smallest state in the nation packs a punch when it comes to climate action. From pioneering offshore wind in the US to establishing incentive programs for solar, Rhode Island continues to facilitate clean energy solutions in pursuit of aggressive climate goals. In April, Governor McKee signed the Act on .: READ MORE :.

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