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Energy Insights

Your Electric Bill (and how to shrink it)

Electricity is an inevitable expense for any business, but consumption isn’t the only thing that impacts your bill. In today’s energy market, the consumer has more agency than ever when it comes to power production and, in turn, what is spent on it. In order to take advantage of cost-cutting and revenue-generating energy programs, understanding what goes into your electric bill is crucial.

4 Energy Partner Non-Negotiables

As clean technology booms and the energy sector evolves for the better, a problem remains: consumers can’t keep up. Regulations, technological advances, and a constant parade of energy options, demand consumers to be more resourceful when it comes to energy solutions. Often, middle C&I businesses and organizations lack the necessary .: READ MORE :.

Energy Savings in Two Steps

Hampshire Power takes the pain out of energy decisions. In a crowded market, we offer a fresh approach, a single relationship for all of your energy needs. We present all of our services in clear bottom line vocabulary so you know exactly how much you will save over time. .: READ MORE :.

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