Developing a Community Solar (CS) project can reap high rewards. But before going live, the array needs to be filled with subscribers. For developers and independent power producers (IPPs), finding the right partners to acquire and manage subscribers and their data is risky. The application of a one-size-fits-all package by traditional service providers stifles efficiency and profits.

Hampshire Power Corporation, an energy management firm, positioned between Commercial and Industrial customers on one hand and renewable energy project owners on another, understands that each project has specific requirements. Hampshire Power’s custom, risk-averse approach to CS management is born out of their experience as a holistic energy company that offers solutions for commercial real estate owners and distributed energy resource developers. As a comprehensive provider of energy solutions, Hampshire Power offers unparalleled CS services to a wide array of solar asset owners who value data transparency, high-quality subscribers, and predictable revenue streams.

Attrition & Default Risk Mitigation

Here’s where Hampshire Power is different. Hampshire Power focuses on high-quality commercial and industrial customers, providing IPPs with responsible and predictable clients. Even so, things (like pandemics) can happen and even the most solid subscriber may move or face an unexpected default. But Hampshire Power is prepared for that too. As a retail supplier, with EDI connections to the Utilities, Hampshire Power brings unparalleled electricity usage transparency capabilities to the market. Hampshire Power views customer consumption directly through the utility each month, compares to previous months, identifies changes in consumption patterns, and reacts to changes as they happen.

Being much more than a Community Solar service provider, Hampshire Power is host to a constantly expanding network of qualified customers eager to cash in on energy savings. Replacing customers takes Hampshire Power a fraction of what might take traditional service providers months with their stop-and-go customer acquisition process. Furthermore, Hampshire Power manages customer allocations flexibly. In the event of an unexpected default or attrition, the remaining subscribers’ allocations increase until customers are re-acquired, effectively maintaining a line of defense against rare, unexpected loss.

Customer Acquisition & Data Access

Hampshire Power is a full-service customer acquisition service provider with first-hand development experience and an understanding that project owners have varying preferences when it comes to anchor customer and/or service providers for customer acquisition. Hampshire Power adapts to meet their client’s preferences — without a hefty fee. If an IPP wants to bring their own anchors or wants investment-grade credit scores, Hampshire Power accommodates. Hampshire Power validates customer data and manages allocations with the utility, organizes the customer contract, disclosure form, and allocation form, and manages ongoing customers and revenue to maximize returns for the project owner. Between their EDI connections and impressive platform, Hampshire Power’s data reports are incredibly insightful.

Data is essential to informed decision-making, but sifting through reports can be time-consuming. Hampshire Power presents its monthly data report in a format that is usable and adaptable. With a robust set of APIs, integration to Quickbooks, salesforce, or other platforms is made simple and effective.

Hampshire Power combines industry expertise and innovative solutions to bring impactful results to their clients while saving them time to focus on their own niche. Stay tuned for a deep dive into each of Hampshire Power’s offerings. For more information until then, contact Hampshire Power.