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Energy Insights

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Hampshire Power and Nexus Consulting LLC have partnered to bring you a comprehensive energy and building system experience designed to maximize savings. Just like Hampshire Power, Nexus Consulting, LLC is dedicated to simplifying your energy experience. That’s why, with the purchase of any Hampshire Power product or service, we .: READ MORE :.

Hampshire Power Welcomes John Allario as Chief Financial Officer

John Allario Allario joins the energy management firm with over twenty years of retail and wholesale energy experience.  JULY 2021 - Hampshire Power Corporation recently welcomed John Allario as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Allario holds degrees from Georgetown University and Fordham University and is an established executive .: READ MORE :.

Hampshire Power: Elevated Energy Management

Hampshire Power Corporation, an energy management firm and retail energy supplier, is heating up the New York Community Distributed Generation (CDG) market. The Massachusetts-based Benefit Corporation services community energy projects from solar to biogas, and continues to support a growing number of CDG projects of varying technologies throughout the .: READ MORE :.

Cash Incentives for Heating Efficiency Upgrades

SUMMARY Hampshire Power partnered with the Barre Housing Authority to provide technical assistance with cash incentives for heat efficiency upgrades at the 49 Grandview Terrace Bldgs 1-4. HP provided assistance with eligibility, application completion, board approval and monetization of the Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs) available to Barre Housing Authority. .: READ MORE :.

Grid Modernization: Data as a Service

Community solar continues to strengthen solar energy’s position as a viable and profitable option for grid power production. Before going live, though, solar arrays need to be filled with subscribers. For developers and independent power producers (IPPs), finding the right partners to acquire and manage subscribers and their data is risky. .: READ MORE :.

Full-Service Energy Experts

Energy touches virtually every operation and person in the country — yet the market remains highly siloed and lacks optimisation. As the energy sector continues to grow and innovate, antiquated practices, like one-product vendors, become deal breakers for consumers and developers alike. Hampshire Power specializes in making energy decisions simple, .: READ MORE :.

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