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Energy Insights

Attrition and Default Risk Mitigation

Qualified and reliable subscribers act as low risk factors to community energy project owners. But as this past year has shown everyone, unforeseeable changes and loss can happen to even the most seemingly secure people and organizations. Even solid subscribers may move or experience an unexpected default -- leaving independent .: READ MORE :.

Hampshire Power’s Secure, Enterprise-Grade Technology

Not all Community Energy billing and management platforms are created equal. Hampshire Power partnered with energy industry software leader, Hansen Technologies to bring enterprise grade technology to the Community Energy space at a fraction of the cost of the competition. This technology advantage, coupled with Hampshire Power’s built in expertise .: READ MORE :.

HPC and The American Jobs Plan

President Biden recently introduced the American Jobs Plan to create the “most resilient, innovative economy in the world” through improving the nation’s infrastructure. The proposal outlines aggressive initiatives to support and enhance the use and accessibility of electric vehicles and EV charging stations and energy-efficient buildings. Of course, substantial .: READ MORE :.

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